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tv   Speaker Pelosi at American Israel Public Affairs Committee  CSPAN  March 27, 2019 4:03am-4:23am EDT

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fortify the united states and israel into an everlasting bond. that is the message you carry when you head into the united states capitol. that is the message you will make heard throughout the halls of congress. and just as ukrainian americans hope to see sovereignty in ukraine, and venezuelan americans hope to see democracy and advocate for it in venezuela, let no one tell you that jewish americans do not have the right to stand up for a safe and secure israel living in peace with her neighbors. that's what you go on to the capitol to let the nation know. , and you, and god bless god bless these united states of america. [applause]
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>> from aipac, house speaker nancy pelosi told a gathering that to be anti-semitic is to be anti-american. speaker pelosi: thank you for a long commitment to a strong relationship.
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support for israel and america is bipartisan and bicameral. relentlessly bipartisan. we are all here connected for good, united in our shared myths prosperity and progress in the middle east, and america, and around the world. i understand that so many young people here for the first time, set us recognize the leadership of our nation, the relationship of many students and young people that are here today. i met some earlier from california. i want to acknowledge the delegation from our state of california. let me also acknowledge the from maryland, being
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from maryland. greatally, i take pride in the special place that israel has always had in my heart. i am from baltimore, maryland. ok, that is good. some of you have heard me tell the story of mine falter, when he was a congressman -- my father, when he was a congressman from baltimore, and he was a dedicated person, but he did not think the administration was doing enough, or anything, really, throughout the jewish people being persecuted in europe. he wanted us to make a big fight early for the jewishf a democrat and state in palestine. about himeard me talk
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speaking yiddish and going to allies and parades and anousing all of this as italian-american, and years later, 1942, he rose and the floor of the house to say "mr. speaker, as a member of the committee for a jewish army, i speak to you on behalf of 200,000 fighting men who, by divine destiny, happened to be jewish." he would speak on the floor to urge strong support for a free democratic jewish state to tell great britain we expect the nation to keep us solemn pledge regarding the declaration. and the late 1940's, my family's said, anyd maryland's, they know the family, they went to the
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solicitor general was my father, when my father was mayor, but he was also the solicitor general of the united states of america. when they travel, they were one of the first people we knew who went to israel. this new beautiful state. when they returned, they regaled us with magnificent tales. i was a little girl of his glorious country, and brought me back a ring. herst always remember giving me that rain, so when i became speaker, when i went to israel the first time as theker, some years ago, newspaper there saying i can buy my love of israel naturally. my father took great pride in the fact that the mayor and then yor kepter as ma that bond. they had groves or playing
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in israeled for them that our family takes great pride in. i moved to san francisco, i would learn so much and u.s.t israel relationships from my good friend naomi lauter, whom i had the privilege of honoring last -- herfter we lost naomi son is here with his son, jacob -- her passing was a great loss for advocates it to me personally. she taught me so many things, including about a wonderful group she had me have events at my house. it was wonderful to see that they are one of the peace building organizations and this conference,
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working together with respect, equality, and peace. and was at the presentation so beautiful? beautiful. i talked about naomi's grandchildren, my husband always how long you have to be in its beauty before you start talking about your own grandchildren, and i do want to mynowledge last week granddaughter bella kaufman quoram, and know way backher when that she would be an icon in the month of the woman, march, and america is a friend, , and anr, a democracy
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outlet for peace and security in the region and as i have often said, be founding of the state of the greatest political achievements of the 20th century. from israel's founding to be present day, our plans remains the same. israel and america are connected now and forever. we will never allow anyone to a wedge issue. is having on her and this congress where support for israel remains i and bipartisan. we are proud to have so many champions of israel, leaders and
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committee chairs. among them, some will be honored today, leader lowy on appropriation, adam schiff on andlligence, eliot engel, the chair of the subcommittee on , and john east yarmouth onvia are important budget committee, and more. these leaders understand the importance of the bond between america and israel, and they are working tirelessly to make those bonds even stronger. the u.s.-israel relationship is special and strong because it is rooted in our shared values. ,nd our shared interests including our interests in stability and enduring peace in the region and the world.
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to israel is vital, and it is not going anywhere, because if you care about american security, you must care about israel security. [applause] week,r pelosi: last chairman ted deutch introduced a new strengthened version of the bill codifying the obama era and the memorandum of understanding, which includes $3.8 billion a year over 10 years and enhance our cooperation on cyber, international development, and more. as speaker of the house, i assure you that this bill will come to the floor, and it will pass overwhelmingly when we send it to the united states senate. [applause] [laughs]
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speaker pelosi: your voices will suring the bill passes the senate this year. i know that is part of the mobilization and the advocacy that you are here to give. it is imperative that israel qualitative military edge, and america must ensure that it always does. [applause] today, once again, we witnessed a rocket attack perpetrated by hamas, a sobering reminder of fromecurity challenges gaza that israel faces each day. we pray for the swift recoveries of the children and family members injured in this attack. must work americans with israel to bring stability to the northern border, because isis, al qaeda, and other affiliates to keep with syria
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and the whole. iran and russia scheme to keep a syria, andresence in hezbollah seeks to have it on the border. precise, longer-range missiles and rockets that strike anywhere. continued states will to champion a foreign policy that reaffirms israel's right to self-defense. [applause] ourker pelosi: in democratic society, we should welcome legitimate debate on how best to honor our values and advanced priorities without questioning loyalty or patriotism. [applause] speaker pelosi: this month, the
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full house came together to condemn the anti-semiticness and all forms of bigotry with a notion that "rejects the notion that prevents roots anti-semitism around the world including the permissiveness of dual loyalty and foreign allegiance especially in the of support for the united states-israel alliance." [applause] i simplyelosi: declared to be anti-semitic is anti-american. it has no place in our country. [applause] speaker pelosi: i have, on
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able to appoint members to congressional delegations to travel to conferences. of us, actually, were at the munich security conference. some of us went on to the nato parliamentary meeting, but when people into the parliamentary groups, of course i respect their own enthusiasms one they bring to it, but instruction, i do not need the instruction, but one priority i always emphasizes that they impress upon the parliamentarian from other countries in the endd our commitment to anti-semitism wherever it exists. [applause] thater pelosi: we brought message to the eu, we bring it to nato, we bring it to all of
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our international conferences, because it is important for people to hear. we see signs of it in other countries, we have seen signs of it and our own country, we must be absolutely clear that it is a , it is a priority if we really are to be true to our values. we must also be vigilant to dangerous ideologies masquerading as policies, and that includes bds. [applause] speaker pelosi: last week, we ,ntroduced the schnider schnider of illinois, and gary matter of new york, the er resolution that opposes bds movement. many not recognized, and
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of the supporters are not know or explicitly denied, it does not recognize the rights of to matchople self-determination. the resolution goes on to recognize the bds movement does not favor a two state solution and undermines the possibility for a negotiated solution to the israeli palestinian conflict. two states, a democratic jewish state of israel and a viable, democratic palestinian state sitting side-by-side in peace, security, and mutual recognition. [applause] speaker pelosi: a two-state alution, though, is not solution without guaranteed security for israel.
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security, security, security. as you know, the anthem of israel is to hope, let us all find hope in our past, remembering the heart worn success of israel, four decades ago today. let us find hope in our progress remembering the miraculous that israell gifts gives to the world. and let us find hope in our people. remember the commitment and passion we all share for a better world for our children. thank you all for what you do. that israel gives to the world.
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may god bless israel. may god bless the united states of america, thank you all, and good luck. thank you so much. [applause] ♪ pres. roosevelt: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. kennedy: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. bush: and the people will hear all of us soon. >> c-span's newest book "the presidents," noting historians, challenges that face, and
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legacies they have left behind. published by public affairs, willn's "the presidents" be on shelves april 23, but you can preorder your hardcopy or evil today at -- or e-book today at /the presidents. >> theater today, the fairness act, that aims to close the salary gaps between women and minorities, and policies that band most transgender members from speaking. on the house floor today, house speaker nancy pelosi recognized c-span's for the us anniversary -- 40th anniversary. speaker pelosi:


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